Rental Inventory Sound

Radio Systems
ULXP  HandHelds & Body Packs
SLX  HandHelds & Body Packs
Systems In Single, Twin and Four Units with Antenna Amplifier with Paddles

SM & Beta Series Microphones

MX412  Push to Talk  Conference Mics
CountryMan Earsets
CountryMan Lavs
PSM 200 In Ear Systems
PSM 600 In Ear Systems
E3 Earphones
E5 Earphones

M Flex 15 Powered with Onboard Mixing & Eq
M Flex 15 Powered Sub with power link
M Flex 15 Unpowered
M Flex 15 Unpowered Sub
Mach Subs
QSC Amplifiers
DBX EQ's & Compressors
Denon Pro Twin CD Players
Mic Stands & Speaker Stands
SoundCraft 12/4 Mixers
Shure SCM 810 Auto Mixers
DFR 22 Processers

Audio Snakes
Insert Cables


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